Lake of the Woods was the site of the 2004 Minnesota Governor's Fishing Opener! Click Here to see more for this year's opener.

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Oak Harbor Golf Course

The Oak Harbor Golf Course is just 3 miles from the B&B and has 9 holes and is expanding to 18 holes (construction beginning Summer 2004). For more information call 218-634-9939.Oak Harbor Golf Course plans to expand to 18 holes

Oak harbor Golf Course is a nine-hole course located along the Rainy River 8.5 miles north of Baudette on Highway 172. The course is open from dawn to dusk, seven days a week and includes a clubhouse with a restaurant, bar and cart/equipment rental.

Expansion of this 9-hole course is under way. While the existing course will remain open through the construction process, the new nine is slated to open in 2006. The new Oak Harbor Golf Course will include an 18-hole par-72 golf course. Its five-tee system will provide golfers of all skill and ability levels with fair, enjoyable and exciting golf experiences, as well as speed play. The Championship Tees at over 6,700 yards will challenge the best golfers. The Forward Tees at 5,000 yards will promote the play of women. The two tees between the Forward and Championship Tees at 5,700 and 6,200 yards will better accommodate lower handicap women and medium to higher handicap men. In addition, the relatively new concept of Family Tees at 2,500 yards, which basically creates a par-3 course within a regulation layout, will encourage beginners, without slowing the play of others.

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Willie Walleye
Willie Walleye is the mascot for
the Walleye Capital of the World, located in Baudette.

Aerial View
Minnesota's Lake of the Woods. Welcome to the Walleye Capital of the World. 
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Northwest Angle Flag Island WebCam

Aurora Borealis


When you visit Lake of the Woods you are about as far North as you can get and still be in the continental U.S. Located North of the 48th parallel and away from urban light & air pollution, Minnesota's True North offers a panoramic view of the Aurora Borealis or Northern lights. They can be a virtual light show on practically any clear evening.

This nighttime drama is a natural phenomenan. During peak sunspot activity charged particles are thrown far out into space and are carried to the earth's atmosphere by the solar wind. The particles then interact with the earth's magnetic field in the polar regions. The colors in the northern lights are not a continuous spectrum, but a few separate colors such as red, violet, blue, and green. The first indication of a northern lights display is a faint glow low on the horizon. After a while an arch of light is lit. It can stretch all over the sky. Rays of light and "draperies" are formed with curls and waves. Sometimes the rays will stretch The draperies appear as if they are flickering or dancing in the wind. out in all directions above your head. This occurrence is called the aurora corona and will fill any onlooker with a hushed sense of awe.

A great place to check them out is along State Highway 11, a State Scenic Byway: Waters of the Dancing Sky.

Waters of the Dancing Sky

Norther Lights


There is a magnetic, haunting quality about the Rainy River. It is something that is difficult to explain but goes bone deep. Ever changing, always beautiful, it writhes to and fro on its 70 mile sojourn from Rainy Lake northbound to the Lake of the Woods forming the boundary between the U.S. and Canada. In fact, the actual border is smack down the middle of the river.

If there is not a ballad about the Rainy River, there should be. It has a music all its own. In the spring, when the ice breaks, a variety of birds will follow the pattern all the way to the mouth where the river meets the majestic Lake of the Woods. Gushing whitewater at Manitou Rapids and Clementson Rapids are mesmerizing and yield a great photo opportunity.

Each season brings a fresh round of activity. In the winter it holds ice fisherman in toasty houses. Spring heralds a fishing frenzy for pre-spawn walleyes near Franz Jevne State Park. Summer brings a variety of water sports and wildlife. The fall palette is especially vibrant as native deciduous trees reflect their coats of many colors.

Entrenched in a rich history, the Rainy was once home to the Laurels, an ancient people that inhabited the area several thousand years ago. Their remains are protected by State law. The Grand Mound Interpretive Center, located 45 miles east of Baudette, offers self-guided tours and a museum housing artifacts. This sheltered river was part of the Voyageur's fur trading route that encompassed Lake Superior, Lake of the Woods, and Hudson Bay. Later, at the turn of the century, it became the site of a lumber industry that is still active, as evidenced by the trucks en route to Boise Cascade in International Falls.

Check out the resorts and lodges dotted along the Rainy River from Clementson to Baudette to Wheeler's Point. A variety of amenities are offered year around. The memories will last a lifetime.


The Clementson Rapids are located eight miles east of Baudette on Highway 11. Every spring and summer the Rapid River, a tributary of the Rainy River, empties its contents over the Clementson Rapids. The rapids are a beautiful place for a picnic, with tables and campfire spots available at the site.

Pelican On Rainy River
Lone Pellican by the waters edge as taken from our "Ski Point".
Looking across the Rainy River is Canada.

In our yard,, June 24th, 2005...
bear bear

Some interesting Eagle Facts

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